The exhibitions mentioned are Solo exhibitions – except the last dash of each year
The exhibitions with non mention of country occured in France


  • Castle of Tour City (the exhibition city palace), (3 months, 70 paintings, 7600 visitors)
  • Djebelle Pénniche, Bayonne,
  • Collective exhibitions : Lyon Society of Fine Arts (Lyon); Art 19 (Paris); Workshops Ménilmontant (Paris); annual fine art Salon, Tours; Menara, Marrakech (Morocco).


  • Guest Artist of the the Salon Art19, Paris, (10 paintings)
  • Xuzhou-Paris Dialogue, Museum of Fine Arts in Xuzhou (China, Jiangsu Province) in coopération with the artist Yang Xiaomin
  • Xinhua Journal Expo Center, Nanjing, China (24 paintings)
  • Paris-Marrakech Dialogue, Almazar Gallery, Marrakech (Morocco) along with Abdelaali Benchekroun (20 paintings)
  • Collective exhibitions at Artcite Salon, Fontenay sous bois; Ménilmontant workshops exibitions ; and Purple Salon, Paris.


  • Paris-Nanjing Dialogue, Gudu Museum of Nanjing, China, with the the painter Xia Ju
  • Artistic Association of Yangzhou, China
  • Verrier Gallery, Saint Jean de Luz
  • Unlikely Espace Gallery, Paris
  • Collective exhibitions: Galerie 20/40 in Marrakech (Morocco); Salon d’Automne at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; Gallery IV license, in Macon; Fine Art salon, in Tours City; The Salon d’Automne in Paris; Living Art 19, Paris; Art en Capital, Paris; The month-Ratrait Workshops Ménilmontant, Paris; Family Allowance, Paris.


  • Paris-Karachi Dialogue; French Alliance in Karachi (Pakistan), with Akram DOST
  • Marrakech Museum, (6 months, Morocco))
  • Majorelle Bookstore exhibition in Marrakech (Morocco)
  • Othello Gallery Foundation and Dar Souiri, Essaouira; (Morocco)
  • Art Gallery in Hossegor (France)
  • Gérard Verrier Gallery in Saint Jean de Luz
  • Unlikely Espace Gallery, Paris
  • Collective exhibitions at the Lawrence Arnott Gallery Marrakech (Morocco); Halle Iraty, Biarritz; The fine Art salon, Tours City; International Pastel Show, Lyon ; Père Lachaise, Paris; and The Ratrait Association, Paris.


  • Paris-Nanjing Dialogue, Gensi gallery, Nanjing (China) with Yang Xiaomin (34 paintings)
  • Collective exhibitions at the Grand Market of Contemporary Art of the Bastille, Paris ; Halle Iraty, Biarritz; the International Exhibition of Pastel de Lyon; The fine Art salon, Tours City.


  • Teapot of life, the Tea Essence, Paris
  • Around the Tea ceremony, Felix on the Croisette, Nice
  • “Homage to Goya” (canvas 3.3 x 2 meters), presented at the Pere Lachaise Cemetery, in célébration of the 140 years of the Commune de Paris (1871).
  • Charcoal-pastels at the Maison des Associations, Paris
  • Collective exhibitions: Color steel and the Grand Market of Contemporary Art, the Bastille; Conservatory of Dance, Paris; 20th Chaise, Paris; Almond Centre, Paris; Open House Workshops Belleville; Ménilmontant Theatre and Auditorium Saint Germain, Paris; Halle Iraty, Biarritz; Fine Art salon, Tours; Thuillier gallery in Albi and Paris; Support exposure for the Tunisian Spring, Gamart, Tunisia.


  • Ami gallery, Hoi An (Vietnam)
  • Photofolies de Touraine, photographic exhibition at the Manor Bohier Thomas, Saint Martin le Beau (Indre et Loire) (100 photos)
  • Thuilier Gallery, Paris
  • Rougier and Plé Gallery, Paris
  • Maison des Associations and Open Doors of the Belleville Artists Association
  • Collective exhibitions : the Sorbonne University, Paris; The Grand Market of Contemporary Art, Paris; the SLBA, Societe Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts in Lyon; the Salon International du Pastel in Lyon.


  • Charcoal in Ménilmontant, The Ratrait annual exhibition,
  • Collective exhibitions at the Grand Market of Contemporary Art, Paris; ARTVO, Cergy-Pontoise ; and others….